1988 – Helena and Eugene inherit the Skeaghanore Dairy Farm from Eugene’s Parents. 

1994 – Poultry was always a part of the hickey heritage. Ducks, chickens and geese were always kept on the farm to feed the families and supply local markets with eggs. It was in 1994 when the idea arose to being rearing ducks to supply local supermarkets and resturants.



1996- Business expanded fast, a small product facility was built in an old  converted barn


2000 – All of the families 5 children were born now but the business continued to grow. The home yard is now full of duck rearing sheds.

2001- The dairy enterprise has continued to grow along side the ducks. A new parlour is installed and housing is upgraded as the years go on

2004- Time had come to move the duck rearing off of the farm. A purpose built rearing house was built in 2004 next door. 

2012- Grant approved to upgrade production factility

2014- Building begins of the new production facility. Moved out of the home yard and allowing the dairy enterprise and the duck enterprise to be completely separate.


2015- We moved into our new 5000 sq foot facility. Giving us access to all new machinery and the option of doing cooked product as well as raw.