Specialty Duck Meat Demonstrations by John Desmond (off the island)

I have been using Skeaghanore farm fresh ducks at Island Cottage Restaurant for over twenty years. From each duck I can get 5 to 6 large main course portions plus an enormous amount of extra added value. Such as duck stock, liver pate, duck fat for confit, for roasting potatoes, and a salted crispy nibble for drinks, duck gizzard for a typical French salad, duck fillets for a pasta, risotto or stir fry, duck wings for stews and tasty soups etc.

I am interested in doing demonstrations for professional chefs, restaurants owners and for the general public, whatever the organizers wish.

The demonstration will be in three stages. The taking apart of a number of ducks, preparation of same and the cooking of duck breasts, duck legs, duck pate, confit of gizzard, a lemon aigre doux sauce, red wine sauce etc.


Skeaghanore Duck is one of the most reliable, good value food products I have ever used and because of how I use the duck it is not at all fatty.

Available for demonstrations

September, October, November, March, April and May

Demonstration timing
4 hours approx


4 to 8 ducks depending on organizer’s requirements

Small amount of ingredients which will be provided by organizer.

All remaining duck will be portioned out and frozen so no waste.


My fee: €300 plus costs which will be kept to a minimum.

Other specialty and bespoke courses also available. If you are interested please give me a call for further details


John Desmond